Friday, April 16, 2021

Osmosis Does a 180

    In Episode seven, Lucas is taken in for questioning by the police. We find out that both Lucas and Leopold took drugs that put them into a hedonistic trip. Because of this, Leopold ended up drowning in a body of water. Because of the drugs, Lucas was not fully aware and could not remember exactly what happened that evening. Moving forward, Esther is in desperate need of talking with someone about a situation she's in. Esther is upset that she may be being used to replace another individuals daughter. Esther naturally goes to Martin, again, the AI assistant to talk. This conversation between Esther and Martin ends up heading in a negative direction as Martin tries to compare his own situation to Esther's. After the confrontation between Esther and Martin, the police need to focus their attention on Paul in hopes to find Niels after he escaped in episode six. Niels refused to share his location. Now we have some heros I suppose. Billie ends up saving Anna from suicide due to depression. The biggest turn of events in episode seven is that Martin actually turns out to be Tom, the man the Esther first met in episode one. The episode concludes with Esther turning off all of the GPS system to Niels and turns Martin all the way off which drops them all of the test users to the floor, unconscious.


    Episode eight begins with us discovering that Paul is not really unconscious. There is a chance that a mutation occurred with the implant. This allows Paul time to think about what he wants to do moving forward with the project, while all others remain unconscious. Now Paul is faced with a touch decision as Osmosis is barely hanging on. Osmosis has competitors, the Mohicans who get hold of most of the parts. The Mohicans want Paul to be their CEO under the circumstances that Paul hands over creative control which would give the Mohicans total control of the operation. Paul decides not to go through with it and ends up quitting. Both Swann and Esther come to the conclusion that the only possible way to save the little bit of the company that is still left is to bring Martin back online. Esther decides to make a huge sacrifice that could lead to her death by implanting herself into the computer, the only way to get Martin back online. Martin finally reveals himself to Esther as Tom and they both exchange sentiment towards one another. Police officers eventually find Niels about the same time all of the unconscious test users come out of their coma. Keep in mind, this is all before the actual launch of Osmosis. Paul gives a big speech about Osmosis and seems to gain the trust and has convinced everyone but Ana who has plans to destroy Osmosis permanently as she has always wanted to do. At the end of the day, Osmosis is no longer. It turns out that a virus was planted that works in a weird way. If Martin remains in tact and connected, all the test users would die. The AI goes offline permanently which allows all of the test users to go on with there normal lives.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Heating up the potential capabilities of Osmosis

     In episode six, Esther is confronted about secretly hacking the implants of the beta testers to cure Louise. This is not good in some eyes and there are concerns of others finding out. If others find out, Osmosis will reach its demise. On the flip side, it worked! Louise is now awake however, she's completely dependent and permanently connected to Martin, the personal assistant as mentioned in Blog four. With Louise being dependent on Martin, she's not fully cured but without Esther hacking into the implants of the beta testers, Louise had a zero percent chance of waking up. Little back story, Louise fell into a coma that should have been permanent. Although Osmosis was made to match soulmates, Esther has discovered that Osmosis could in fact be a medical technology as well. Paul Vanhove, the leader of Osmosis, completely disagrees and wants absolutely no part in expanding the capabilities of Osmosis. This scenarios brings about external constraints. In a way, Paul is sabotaging the good that Osmosis could bring to the greater good regardless of the profits that could be made from an expansion. For the individuals that are leading the process of Osmosis, a local search bias is presented here in that they firmly believe that they know Osmosis is capable of being a benefit to the neurological medical field in order to solve a new problem, outside of soulmate matching. Esther and Gabriel want to rely on Osmosis to come into play medically however, Paul does not. This scenario also has the possibility of creating a GAN, General Adversarial Network. Gabriel is acting as the generator while Paul is acting as the discriminator. Gabriel is trying to create a representation that will be accepted by Paul. Paul, again the discriminator, rejects the idea of Osmosis merging into the medical field with the development of new applications. Paul rejects this because it is not a part of the main intentions of Osmosis. Gabriel continues to push Paul with caution towards agreeing to at least consider looking into the medical capabilities. Paul does not budge. Again, the reason this has the possibility of becoming a GAN situation is because Paul may end up reconsidering and eventually taking the reasonings of Gabriel, the generator, as authentic. We will find out as we move along into this series!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Osmosis, The Height of Excellence

     Throughout the show Osmosis, there are many advanced forms of technology that are far more progressive than the technology of today's society. I want to talk a little bit about Martin, the artificially intelligent decoder that provides Esther with all of the information she needs in regards to just about anything she'd like to know. Martin is basically Esther's personal assistant. In the relationship between Esther and Martin, Esther would be the encoder. Martin is not a person, Martin acts very similarly to that of "Alexa" in today's world. Martin however, is far more advanced. Martin also has the ability to anthropomorphize and demonstrates human behaviors. Martin demonstrates the ability to anthropomorphize by having also having the ability to communicate.

    I now want to talk a bit about human computation. Numerous people carry out the small task of distributing the pill in order to begin Osmosis. A computer cannot do that and since more and more people are participating in Osmosis, human computation is the way to carry out that part of the process. Throughout the first few episodes, it is apparent that there is cultural anxiety when it came to first testing out Osmosis. The characters were hesitant when initially taking the pill because they were the first up to bat for testing Osmosis. The test dummies had no idea what was really going to happen to them but believed that the pill was going to do what they were told it was going to do. That slight fear came from the unfamiliarity of the and lack of knowledge with the new technology.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Osmosis, Lightyears Ahead of Today's Technology

    In terms of technology today and the state of technology in which the world is currently in, Osmosis definitely takes the cake with its capabilities. Osmosis is lightyears beyond current technology. In fact, I'm not convinced in the slightest that future realistic technologies will be able to mimic or even come close to what Osmosis has to offer, but, you neve know! Technology before my time had a goal of helping the society with obstacles such as turning a candle into a lightbulb. Today's technology has cleared a path for devices that have many functions like that of a smartwatch or smartphone. You've noticed that computers are reaching faster speeds and are becoming more high powered than ever. The digital systems and applications including computers, ipad's, smartphones, laptops,, twitter, you name it, have certainly evolved over a long period of time. For instance, typewrites were reintegrated by digital systems like computers and Microsoft Word, software like that. Even telephones have evolved and shaped into many different versions that are now portable. It wasn't until the 2010's that technology that we use every day started evolving. Things like social media, cloud computing and artificial intelligence drastically changed our daily lives. Artificial intelligence is used on a wide scale to help us with recommendations such as things we may be interested in based on searches we've conducted or even purchases we've made online. Artificial intelligence has benefited commerce in ways like inventory planning and logistics. Artificial intelligence has made its way into reality for various companies and organizations across many different industries. AI has stepped up to the plate with successful results with being able to improve efficiency as well as cutting down on human error and labor. We also have technology like social media for interacting and connect with people, along with online gaming which also aids in similar connections. I think that in today's world, we're simply having fun with what is offered and are soaking it up until we're ready for something new. For many, if not all of us, the growing pace of technology has made our lives better, easier and simply, more fun.

Osmosis on the other hand is on an entire different level. I would absolutely LOVE the ability to walk past an individual and see a digital reading over their head on how compatible they would be with me! Especially being the age that I am now with no wife or children, I fear being alone but because of that, I've naturally adapted to being independent. I have grown to envy the capabilities of Osmosis. I think there would be a ton of legalities if technology in today's world could mimic what Osmosis can. I would also say that if that were to ever happen, this crazy world would jump all over it. I would not say that the intelligence of Osmosis is out of the realistic picture, I just don't see those capabilities happening in my lifetime. On the flipside, maybe there is technology and intelligence capabilities out there that could do what Osmosis does. This would revolves around money so maybe they're just waiting to wear us down with these miniscule social technologies before they unleash the beast. Phone companies probably work in that sense. I feel they just make small adjustments to their phones each year, adjustments that they know years in advance but release only a few of them each year. I don't know for certain but I think that's how companies like Apple make a killing! 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Tinder, put your dukes up! Love, Osmosis.

     In reality, dating apps are online systems that allow individuals to locate and introduce themselves to possible connections over the web. A similarity in all dating apps is the main goal which is to bring to fruition personal, romantic and sexual relationships. The ideology behind dating apps is that they will find you a partner in some capacity. Other ideologies about dating apps are that they are super easy to find someone to connect with and that most people who use a dating app are on it because they are looking for a hookup.

Let's compare Tinder and Osmosis. Tinder is an online dating application that gives its users the ability to secretly swipe left or right on another individuals pictures. When you swipe left on another person, that means you are not interested. When you swipe right on another person, that means you are interested but again, it's anonymous so that person who's picture you swiped right on will not know you are interested in them unless they also swipe right on one of your pictures. When two people swipe right on each others pictures it creates a match and allows those two individuals to start messaging one another. Osmosis on the other hand, is very much different from Tinder. With Osmosis, individuals are letting an algorithm that has been implanted into their brains decide on who they will love. Osmosis knows all of your best kept secrets and digs deep into the innermost part of your brain. Additionally, it's not a guessing game, you know who is fitting for you and who is not, unlike Tinder. With Tinder, you don't really know who you swiping right or left on, there is a ton of false advertisement and I know this from personal experience years ago.

Osmosis is a much less risky dating app in terms of who you are actually matching with. The algorithm does just about all of the work for you. In Osmosis you can literally walk past someone and a digital image appears above each persons head to signify how good of a match they would be for you, without ever seeing or meeting them before. Osmosis knows who is compatible with you and who is not. Osmosis also has a physical aspect to it where Tinder does not. You have to swallow a pill to partake in Osmosis whereas with Tinder, you simply download an app. Similarly between the two, you are hoping for the best! Tinder uses artificial intelligence in that in order to perform advanced tasks, computing of technology must take place. Osmosis leans more towards machine learning in that an algorithm is used to gather information and identify certain patters in order to tackle a task. Once the physical pill is swallowed in Osmosis, the algorithm is activated and it keeps getting more intelligent and improving.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Find my lover, Osmosis

    Osmosis, where true love is undoubtedly a thing and an application is able to find for you, true love and a perfect match! Sometimes however, love hurts. The setting of this Science-Fiction Drama takes place in the not-so-near future of Paris. With the swallow of a pill, Osmosis can dig deep into the users brain and formulate algorithms that allow for a perfect match with one hundred percent accuracy. The launch of Osmosis is intended to have positive global impact however, some things don't quite go as planned. The show examines a group of people who volunteer for the test of Osmosis and the affect it has on their personal lives and love lives.

    The show Osmosis begins with a women, Esther Vanhove walking around a room looking for her perfect manly match to absorb true love with. This scene demonstrates negotiated representation. As Esther (decoder) walks throughout the room, she passes by many different men (encoders) with a digital status above their heads that signifies how strong of a love match they would be for her. The reason this exemplifies negotiated representation is because she walks past several men who have the labeled status of a perfect match. Esther acknowledges the valid representations of all these men being perfect matches for her however, she chose not to fully accept a man right away. I believe that Esther saw that there may be a chance to find a more fitting opportunity with a perfectly matched man based on each man being labeled as a perfect match, so, she continued onward. From a competing discourse sense, it was indeed a competition. The men were in competition with one another in hopes that Esther would choose one of them and Esther was in competition with them. She wasn't going to let the fact that she could have any of those men convince her to choose right away, she embraced the challenge of the odds that seemed in her favor to find a more suitable match. None of the men in the first group satisfied her fancy enough to reel her in, quicker than a wink

    Esther wanted to feel a certain way, feeling all the feels and raw emotions that come with being human. Sure enough, Esther found a better match and created a more fitting situation for herself with the same valid negotiated representation. The reason there is no dominant view is because the men and Esther are both looking for the same thing, true love. This competing discourse lead to a negotiated representation in that the representations encoded by those with power were acknowledged as valid by decoders, but not entirely accepted. The decoder adapted the message for her local situation. This is also considered to be a discursive situation.

Osmosis Does a 180

     In Episode seven, Lucas is taken in for questioning by the police. We find out that both Lucas and Leopold took drugs that put them int...